new years resolutions

There is something so hopeful about the New Year. It allows people to reset and think about their priorities in a way they don't stop to do during the year. It's a great period of time to refocus, however it can also be a time to reflect on what didn't happen over the past year.

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good bloggers

Good bloggers post often. Good bloggers show humility. Good bloggers don't worry about how blogging might make them seem self-centered or too into themselves. They just do it. Well, if you can't tell, I am not a blogger. Let alone a good blogger. 

Confession: My last blog post was over two years ago. And, a lot has changed since then. 

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getting back into a routine

Happy Sunday! Hope you are doing the same thing that I am prior to the start of the work week… [Note to reader: Take out that glass of wine, cue the background jazz music, and cuddle up with your pup and a good magazine...]

This week was a crazy busy week! Kyle and I went back to work, returning much poorer and tanner after a three-month long vacation. While I was excited to go back and get into the swing of things, I was a little nervous.

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fun in the sun in santorini

Santorini was a bittersweet place to visit. That's probably not what you think someone would or should say, especially if you have seen pictures of the town of Oia (pronounced eee-ya). Yeah, you know the pictures...The iconic white buildings and stark blue domes -- the bluest blue, almost mimicking the sky.

But, for K and I, Santorini marked the end of our honeymoon and the end of our three month vacation. Santorini is a place I had been DYING to visit for the past…well, really, since as long as I can remember (which, probably -- and realistically -- started with seeing Mamma Mia in the movie theaters). In addition to a beautiful coast line, it doesn't hurt that the sunsets feature colors that mirror our wedding invitation (see here) and the food is delectable.

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honeymoon adventures: exploring istanbul

There is something very romantic about Istanbul. As someone who has never been to a Muslim country, I found the call to prayer, which happens five times a day, very soothing. The city is straddled between Europe and Asia (locals differentiate parts of the city by the “Asian side” and the “European side”) and has a very rich history. Istanbul was enchanting – delectable food, terrible traffic, overwhelming heat, crowds that would make Times Square jealous, smells of spice and sweets, and the very hospitable locals. Overall, if Istanbul is not on your list of must see places, it should be. This was the cultural part of our honeymoon, so we tried to see as many sites as possible. For the first two days, we hired a tour guide who brought us around the city and helped us cut some of the long lines that queue up at the famous landmarks. Overall, I highly suggest it, as it helped us learn to navigate the city quite well for our remaining three days.

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