So, I have decided to “re-start” my blog. All previous attempts have failed. RIP Tups on Tups blog (you never really had your light in the sun). I love reading blogs; reading about how to create a vegan enchilada, viewing all the fashion forward pictures, and looking at potential travel locations. But, writing one…whew! The task seems completely daunting. It feels too indulgent. (Although I am not assuming that anyone is really going to read this other than my husband, who already knows what's going on.) However, I feel it’s necessary at this point for me. For one, I took a leave of absence from my job to travel the world with my fiancé for three months. I would be a fool not to document something like that, if at least not for my memory down the road. Second, as my wedding is approximately a month away and family is coming in from all over, I realized that distance really can be difficult. It’s not always easy to hop on the phone with someone, but often a WiFi connection is a lot more feasible. I used to keep a journal – so this can’t be that hard, right? I guess I will have to keep myself honest and see. My hope is that I can look back on this blog, remember the joy leading up to my wedding and the amazing travels my fiancé and I had before we got back to the daily grind. Hope you enjoy my journey (I promise there will be a lot of pictures to break up the words ☺)!