Summer Travels: Spain – Part 3 (Mallorca)

The final leg of our 10 days of birthday trip was spent in Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca, or Majorca Island, is the place that I knew least about. Before going, someone I know recommended renting a car, which didn’t really hit home until I got there. Mallorca is absolutely stunning – but you definitely need a car to experience its beauty. About an hour and a half plane ride from Barcelona, Mallorca is a vacation destination for Spaniards and other Europeans (similar to Ibiza). However, unlike Ibiza, it is a much larger island. But, the variety of beaches is unlike anything I have ever seen. My honey and I started the third leg of our journey by checking into the Castillo Son Vida hotel. The Castillo Son Vida is literally a Spanish castle. The hotel looks like something out of a fairy tale and the view is top-notch, looking over the water. Tired and full, we decided to spend the first two days working out and lounging by the pool. It was also hard to get anywhere without that pesky rental car. During these first couple of days and nights, KFo and I both polished off several books. I was able to finish The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, The Twelve by Justin Cronin (second book in The Passage Trilogy), #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso, and The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith (aka JK Rowling, the second book in the Cormoran Strike series). All of these were great books by the way, so make sure to pick them up for summer reading.

After thoroughly lounging by the pool – and on my part, getting somewhat antsy to do something else – we decided to rent a car and drive to some of these famous beaches. The island isn’t very large, so you can drive from one side to the other in no more than an hour or two. Since we were staying closer to the city of Palma De Mallorca (towards the southwest), it meant our drive was about an hour to each beach. After consulting our concierge (who said that all the beaches were great, which wasn’t a great help) we decided that we would visit three beaches over the course of the two days we had the rental car: Cala Formentor, Cala Figuera, and Cala Mondrago.

Cala Formentor
Cala Figuera
Cala Mondrago

One of the most amazing things about Mallorca is the different topography throughout the island. Some beaches don’t seem like beaches at all – Cala Formentor for example felt very similar to a lake in the United States (think Lake Tahoe). We were surrounded by big trees and for the most part were in a dirt vs. sand area. Cala Figuera by contrast is completely different. To get to Cala Figuera you have to hike down a steep path and rocks cover the entire area of the beach. But the water is crystal clear and the lightest blue hue you have ever seen. In short, if you are able to visit Mallorca, make sure to visit beaches on different sides of the island because unlike what I thought, a beach is not the same everywhere! If I had to play favorites, I would say that we enjoyed Cala Figuera best, but it's a hike so be prepared - or at least better prepared than we were with flip-flops!

These beach adventures were filled with Kindle reading and picnics consisting of jamon, cheese and bread sandwiches and Estrella beer. Totally gluttonous and not wedding dress approved. In fact, #weddingdressFAIL. But, you only live once right?

A few other pictures of Mallorca to leave you with...

Cap de Formentor
Cap de Formentor Drive

The trip was absolutely incredible and now I have high hopes for what KFo has in store for me next year! Next up, we are off to Bali for KFo’s high school reunion. I’ve never been to Bali, so I am SUPER excited.