fun in the sun in santorini

Santorini was a bittersweet place to visit. That's probably not what you think someone would or should say, especially if you have seen pictures of the town of Oia (pronounced eee-ya). Yeah, you know the pictures...The iconic white buildings and stark blue domes -- the bluest blue, almost mimicking the sky.

But, for Kyle and I, Santorini marked the end of our honeymoon and the end of our three month vacation. Santorini is a place I had been DYING to visit for the past…well, really, since as long as I can remember (which, probably -- and realistically -- started with seeing Mamma Mia in the movie theaters). In addition to a beautiful coast line, it doesn't hurt that the sunsets feature colors that mirror our wedding invitation (see here) and the food is delectable.


We stayed in Oia, the more touristy and honeymoon-y part of the island, pretty much on the side of a cliff like most of the other hotels in the area. Our hotel, the Mystique, was gorgeous. The 35-suite hotel sits on the outskirts of Oia and our room had its own personal hot tub overlooking the sea. It's not a big hotel and the customer service is out of this world. The food at their main restaurant, Charisma, is sensational. And the view is not half bad either…really, the view is amazing everywhere and doesn't get old. For those more adventurous and not on their honeymoons, Fira is a great place to go out on the island of Santorini.

Embarrassingly enough, K and I spent a lot of time hanging out by the pool at the Mystique and watching episodes of Modern Family from our personal balcony and hot tub, with an OK view of the water and sunset in the background…not a bad life, huh? Also, side note, I'm sure we are late to the Modern Family party, but IT'S AMAZING! We're seriously addicted. Both KFo and I have watched one-off episodes, however we have never seen the whole series all the way through. We've now watched seasons one through four and are on season five. We started watching it after we got home from Bali. Each season has approximately 24 episodes, each of which is approximately 20 minutes…so you do the math -- it's a lot of watching!

When we weren't lounging and being complete and utter wastes of space (read: definition of honeymoon-ing), we were...

...Exploring Oia...


...Taking a catamaran tour around Santorini...


...Trying out local restaurants...


…Watching the sunset...


…And visiting a local winery...


A list of cool things to do (both those that we got around to and those that we didn't but were highly rated on Trip Advisor) are below:

  • Cruise the Aegean sea on a catamaran with Santorini Sailing. The views and food are unbeatable, plus you get to indulge in some great wine and beer.
  • Visit Lolita's -- it's the number one place to visit on Trip Advisor and the ice cream is DEFINITELY worth it! I think it's made with Greek yogurt.
  • See a movie at the Open Air Cinema.
  • Get dinner at Roka and have the fava beans (a Santorini staple) and the white eggplant (another Santorini staple). If you are feeling indulgent, also go for the risotto. Word to the wise, reservations are a must here. Also, I tried cooking fava beans at home this week and let me tell you, they didn't even compare to how delicious they were at Roka…I'm salivating now...
  • Try some wine at Sigalas Winery -- as a fan of dry white wine, the whites were my favorite and we took some home with us. Also, be prepared to hang with lots of cats.
  • Hike the stairs down to Amoudi Bay and have a seafood lunch.
  • Visit the red sand beach and the white sand beach. Some pictures of the white sand beach are above and here. (We're trying to tick off as many of these as possible).

Also, if you're planning a visit or are just totally in a wanderlust mood, here are some other blogs that might wet your appetite for travel. I know they certainly did that for me!

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