getting back into a routine

Happy Sunday! Hope you are doing the same thing that I am prior to the start of the work week… [Note to reader: Take out that glass of vino, cue the background jazz music, and cuddle up with your pup and a good magazine...]

This week was a crazy busy week! Kyle and I went back to work, returning much poorer and tanner after a three-month long vacation. While I was excited to go back and get into the swing of things, I was a little nervous. Had the three months dulled my sharpness (probably)? Would I be able to do the long hours again? I think any time anyone has a big life change – starting a new job, growing your family (that includes dogs), getting a new house or car (see below) - there is a little bit of anxiety, which is totally normal. Most of the time, you figure out you were worrying for nothing…


Which turned out to be exactly the case for me. The week went great and my team welcomed me back with open arms and slide assignments. Back to the grind!

We truly were getting back into our “routine” this week. I was able to go to SoulCycle and celebrate the two-year Brentwood anniversary. The Brentwood SoulCycle has been a constant in my life since I moved to LA a year and a half ago and it was exciting to see the energy for the studio. I definitely need to get over there more now that I live in Venice…Kyle and I also did our usual Thursday night date night at Café Gratitude, a delicious vegan restaurant in our neighborhood that we can walk to AND they are dog friendly. Win! [Note to reader: Venice beach date night style below]


Kyle and I had another big life change this week – no, we’re not pregnant…We traded in my 2010 Toyota Prius and got two SMART cars. [Note to reader: Did you know that SMART stands for Swatch Mercedes Art and the car was a collaboration between the two companies? Pretty cool, huh?]. Just when I thought the two of us had enough change, enter these two babies.


They’ve definitely been fun so far and are great for LA city driving. For two people who travel as much as Kyle and I do for work, it makes sense to scale down the cars. I miss my Prius (laugh all you want, but it was my dream car) and the fun amenities, but I am ready to love the SMART car just as much as my little Prius. The Prius and I had a pretty emotional ending to our five-year relationship – it ended with me crying and walking away with my stuff into a Uber. Definitely not how I thought our union would end and I hope he/she finds a great new family. On the plus side (there are many, but my frugal minded hubs tends to think of one of the "pluses" as budget related), we've cut our car and insurance payments down by half -- which means a larger shopping budget, yes? More realistically paying off student!


As some may know (mostly all of our neighbors), Kyle and I have been receiving a lot of packages as of late. I was definitely not a fan of the whole registry concept before we got married, but it has been awesome to come home to presents and tons of packages. Not so awesome for our neighbors, who see our mail pile up while we are away. This week we received a wonderful "package" in the form of email; we woke up to an email from our wedding photographer letting us know that our pictures are ready – eeeeeeeeeeeeee! SO excited. We checked them out online and they are just lovely. As soon as we get the memory stick, I’ll be sure to post some!

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