good bloggers

Good bloggers post often. Good bloggers show humility. Good bloggers don't worry about how blogging might make them seem self-centered or too into themselves. They just do it. Well, if you can't tell, I am not a blogger. Let alone a good blogger. 

Confession: My last blog post was over two years ago. And, a lot has changed since then. 

I survived (and LOVED) my first two years of marriage. I went back to work after a three month sabbatical. I started traveling cross country for work again. I got pregnant. I stopped traveling for work. I then had said baby. I frequently worry about how starting (re-starting) a blog no one reads will make me seem. Will it make me seem too into myself? Well, guess what? This mama (currently non-working, maternity leave laden person) needs something (other than her child, dog and husband) to occupy her time. So thus commences my re-entry into my own personal diary. 

Here are my hopes. I hope...

  • I actually keep this up. 
  • I blog daily -- ok, semi-frequently -- about what makes me happy and what's making me frustrated. 
  • I will remain authentic and candid with myself. I will (try) not to think about if anyone reads this. Least of all my friends and family. Most of all my co-workers.
  • This blog will help me explore new areas of Los Angeles and demand that I actually use the DSLR camera I just had to have.
  • I am not a perfectionist (like I frustratingly always tend to be) and truly use this as a creative outlet.

But mostly, I'm hoping for a cute place to post pictures of my daughter, dog and handsome husband so that my daughter can look at them when she is older (pending the potential demise of Instagram).

Alright, now on the count of three, when I say go...1...2...3...