new years resolutions

There is something so hopeful about the New Year. It allows people to reset and think about their priorities in a way they don't stop to do during the year. It's a great period of time to refocus, however it can also be a time to reflect on what didn't happen over the past year. I am guilty of this, as I would expect most people are. Resolutions are tough and as I've "coached" my husband, Kyle, they are only achieved by breaking them down in bite size pieces. So, before I start creating my action plan (on the to do list for this week), I am revisiting a list created years ago with my best friend before we turned thirty...

  • Wash my face and brush my teeth daily. Yes, sometimes a wine night will get to me or I'm just so bone tired. Yes, it's gross, I know. Also, wear my unsexy retainer because braces at 50 is just not a look I see for myself. [New add: Moisturize daily.]
  • No ratty underwear. Self-explanatory. 
  • Call and text the people I love more frequently. Weekly is the goal. Monthly is the low bar.
  • More books and less TV. [This, if you know definitely a pipe dream.]
  • Make sure to take time out to be a good spouse because relationships are only as much as you put into them.
  • Feel good about my body. I birthed a baby this past year. I should eat better, cook more often and try and choose veggies when possible.
  • Encourage more positive thoughts. Meditate! And, start with a positive thought every day.
  • Drink more water!!
  • Be more active and try new activities to vary up the routine.

And a few additional ones for good measure...

  • To be kinder to myself and try to live by the following: "Treat yourself as if you were your own best friend."
  • Yoga. Because it's important. Full stop.
  • Be the best Mom (human and dog) I can be. But try not to stress the little things.

Wow. That turned out to be a lot. It might be worth revisiting this book, this book or this speech for some inspiration. Now and next, an action plan...