recent cooking obsessions

To those that know me, it's no secret that I absolutely love to cook. As I mentioned in my last post, this was definitely fostered by my Dad, who is an amazing cook and mostly cooks very healthy foods. While I can't say I cook (or eat) as healthy as my Mom and Dad, I do love to cook and love to entertain / have people over for dinner. Since I've had so much time on my hands (HA!), I've been cooking more and testing out some new (and old) cookbooks and gadgets. 

Small Victories by Julia Turshen

I first heard of Julia Turshen in Gwyneth Paltrow's "It's All Good" cookbook. They wrote the book together and Julia had a great perspective and some fantastic recipes. For those with Food Network Chef recognition, she's also friends with Mario Batali and has collaborated with him as well. The book features pretty simple, comfort food recipes that are made easier with small "hacks" that Julia provides in the narrative. I've tried quite a few of the recipes, but the most notable so far have been the caesar salad dressing, coconut curry lentils and patatas bravas. My husband keeps asking for more of the patatas bravas! They seriously tasted just like we were back in Spain. 

Sous Vide Cooking at Home by Lisa Hoffman

So, I persuaded my husband to get me a sous vide cooker after Christmas. I opted for the Chef Steps Joule after reading this New York Times article. If you haven't heard of sous vide cooking yet, it's likely to be one of the next big cooking gadget trends -- after all, a similar sous vide cooker appeared on Shark Tank not long ago. Sous vide cooking slowly cooks whatever food item in water to the optimal temperature, so no more burned or under cooked meat...unless you want it to be. This type of cooking has been a revelation for me and I am completely obsessed. I only wish I had gotten one sooner. So far I have cooked steak with mushrooms and general tso's chicken, both of which were incredibly delicious. Tomorrow I am trying chicken tikka masala. My Joule has definitely boosted my confidence to try new recipes that I probably wouldn't have tried without it.

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen

This was a gift from my best friend and I could not love it more. I've been lusting after this book for a while and am excited to try more in it. After having a long and heartfelt conversation with my favorite lady, this and a onesie for Isabel arrived a few days later. She knew that the weeks prior to talking to her had been a little rough -- being a mom's not easy! -- and she sent something to brighten up our day. Really, the sweetest and best kind of friend and Isabel is lucky to have her as a godmother. [P.S. I've also tried the eggs and they were absolutely delicious!]

Joule by Chef Steps

Mentioned above. A serious must get for the new cook or experienced chef. Here's an article telling you why. And, a video to prove just how cool it is.

Onion Googles

For this girl who cries while cutting even the smallest and least fragrant onion, these have been a total game changer.